This is what some of Wendy's students say about her class. See how yoga has changed and enriched their lives.


"Wendy's yoga is a nurturing oasis for the body, mind, and soul.  I always leave class feeling as if I have replenished my energy and renewed my spirit as well as had a comfortable workout for my entire body.  In each class, Wendy's gentle, expressive voice guides us to flow through a variety of asanas.  Her instructions are always clear and often like poetry.  She is always positive and encouraging, making me feel I can do even the most difficult asanas with grace and ease.  And yet, as an instructor who truly knows her students, Wendy readily gives individual adaptations to help those who have limitations and makes them feel they can participate.  This to me is the hallmark of an exemplary yoga instructor who is both caring and well-informed.  I feel so fortunate to have Wendy in my life." 

Ellen | Northridge, CA

I really, honestly loved with class. I'm sincerely going to miss it. Wendy was a joy to be around and I learned so much from her words and her general energy. I aspire to be at "peace" the way she seems to be.

Anonymous | CSUN student

Ms. Banks has taught me know just about yoga but has helped me get in touch with my inter self and I have never felt better.

Anonymous | CSUN student

Your class has made such a positive change in my life, both physically and mentally. Thanks for your special, kind and caring manner of instruction.


"In my mind, she's Wonderful Wendy, not only because she's such a wonderful and gifted teacher, but also because of her poetic wisdom-she is a student of the universe, filled with the wonder of it.  I leave her class feeling at one with everything, and ten years younger!"

Shelly | Granada Hills, CA

"I liked the atmosphere and sincere encouragement given to accept our bodies and love ourselves."

Mary | Granada Hills, CA

"She is a very caring teacher who stimulated a deeper interest in yoga. She knows what she's doing and she's very positive, always!"

Tina | Chatsworth, CA

"Yoga truly helped relieve my lower back pain."

Anne | Northridge, CA

"After several classes I have been able to strengthen my back muscles and forego the need for a good number of chiropractic a new dimension to life."

Marc | Northridge, CA


"I lost 12 lbs and have gained flexibility, strength and great relaxation."

Lucy | Porter Ranch, CA