"FABULOUS! The place and food is supremo!" 

"Mucho gusto! We had a wonderful time in the jungle. Waking up to the howler monkeys and seeing the tucans and parrots was an experience I’ll never forget. The people and relationships I made were amazing. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. Yoga with Wendy was great! You really got a chance to get to know yourself and also the other members of the group. Her soothing voice and knowledge of the yoga world was comforting and relaxing."


"Getting away from the hustle and bustle and kicking back in the jungle of Costa Rica was a great experience! The location and retreat center were excellent."


"Thank you for the most restful vacation ever. I just wish I could bottle how I feel about this trip to Costa Rica. It was a lovely experience, extraordinary environment and the people I met."


"I loved being in the rain forest with its multiple colors and the symphony of birds, monkeys and raindrops. I loved the vegetarian meals. The best was doing yoga twice a day and finally reaching a state in meditation where I didn’t want to stop. The next best things was meeting like-minded souls. Fernando our Waterfall Hike guide, was the best."

"Beautiful people at Samasati, so kind, warm and loving. Food was amazing! Yoga in such a beautiful structure – so peaceful and calm."



"Wendy you are a fantastic yoga teacher! I enjoyed the classes very much. Thank you for everything!"

"Boy, did I have a great time, other than the rain. I will remember the trip forever. Great! Great! Great! Loved the animals, plants, and this wonderful group of fantastic people."


"This trip really made me look at my life my relationships, and my actions in perspective and confirmed to me how important it is to stay true to what is important to me, like my family and my values. Sometimes in Los Angeles, I get caught up with superficial worries and cares, but here I was able to surrender all that and appreciate the intricate beauty of this land. I really enjoyed my first night of the retreat, laying down, and falling asleep to the sounds of the jungle. Waking up to howler monkeys the next morning was also an unforgettable experience, but the friendships and bonds made throughout the week within the group really showed me how important it is that we take care of each other."