Astrology Class Series

Classes offered in the Fall

Small, personal class, starting with four classes. Everyone will be given their own Horoscope and the classes will be adjusted to the participants’ wishes.

There is a lot to learn in astrology, there are twelve signs of the zodiac to understand, and the ten planets (that includes the Sun and Moon) to know what they represent and the aspects between them, and there are also twelve houses – I’ll tell you what they mean at the class!

Oriented for the beginner, basics for interpreting a natal chart or horoscope will be covered:  the signs of the zodiac, the planets, houses, and the planetary aspects.  You'll discover how astrology is a wonderful spiritual tool that helps you understand yourself better, your loved ones and your life's cycles.  You'll be given your own chart, and the knowledge to understand it!

What does it mean if Venus the Goddess of Love is prominent in your horoscope?  What if she's rubbing shoulders with Jove (aka Jupiter) in, say, your fourth house?  Will he hurl thunderbolts into your love life when you're at home with your amour?

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Guidance through the Stars ~ Astrology for your soul 

Astrology comes to us from ancient Babylon, Egypt and Greece and has evolved into today's psychological tool for exploring ourselves and our relationships.  A profound method for self-discovery and awareness, this practice can bring us insights into our make-up and thought patterns and empower us to use our free will with greater confidence and alignment with our Higher Self.

Your natal chart, or horoscope, is a map of the heavens at the moment of your birth. It can help you understand better how to achieve more satisfaction, balance and harmony. Comparing two charts gives profound insights into the chemistry of relationships. The horoscope can be progressed to show trends and cycles that help us have a better sense of timing and make wise choices.

Wendy Banks is credentialed professional by the American Federation of Astrologers.  She has been in practice for over 20 years and for many years was the Astrological Editor for Starscroll, a monthly astrological publication.  She has taught astrology classes privately, and at the Healing Arts Center, Oasis, L.A. City College and West L.A. College Community Services, appeared on radio, TV and spoken at astrological conferences.

Inital 1 1/2 hour reading
Includes chart, 12-page chart interpretation, progressions for the coming year and transits for 3 months
1 hour follow-up sessions
Update on progressions and transits
Synastry Relationship Chart
Reading for two people. Includes 12-page relationship interpretation.

* All session can be recorded. Telephone follow-up sessions are available at a discounted price.

For an appointment, call Wendy at 818-468-8606 or e-mail

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