"The winds of grace blow all the time. All we need to do is set our sails."

- Ramakrishna


Experience the joy and peace of yoga!

Let YOGA uncover the peace, love and light within you!

Hatha yoga is more than exercise, it is a practice of mind-body connection. Through deep breathing, gentle stretches and asanas (postures), all the systems of the body are revitalized. Students are encouraged to go at their own pace and asanas can be modified for individual needs. Yoga will nurture your body, soothe your emotions, clear your mind and uplift you spiritually, greatly enhancing your sense of well-being.

- Ease stress, lessen neck, shoulder and back pain  - Increase flexibility, strength, coordination, balance
- Stretch, tone, and learn to relax deeply - Improve posture, breathing, concentration, creativity
- Enhance sleep, weight loss, resistance to allergies - Harmony and balance in body, mind and spirit

on Wednesday Nov. 21, Thursday Nov. 22 or Saturday Nov. 24 - THANKSGIVING!

Empowering workshop on EFT (Tapping)
on SUNDAY, December 8
3 - 5pm at the Granada Pavilion

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"Prison Yoga and Meditation"

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